Centre for Innovative Medical Technology

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) is a research and innovation centre for Odense University Hospital (OUH) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). 

CIMT promotes innovation and research in new medical technologies, such as telemedicine, apps, artificial intelligence, patient reported outcomes, robots, virtual reality, drones etc.

CIMT unites hospital and university to ensure cooperation, coherence and knowledge sharing between researchers from the university and health professionals in close contact with the patients.

The innovation and research projects in CIMT are always anchored at one of the clinical departments at OUH; the innovation process always starts with the patient and the patient’s needs.


Artificial Intelligence is an inevitable field when working with innovation in the healthcare sector, because the future prospects of AI are immense and the technology and data are increasingly accessible.

AI in healthcare has the potential to simplify the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals by performing some of the tasks traditionally performed by humans. And it has the potential to do it faster and more accurately.

Innovation consultants, researchers, students etc. in CIMT have knowledge and interest in AI and a complementary wide network, but projects on AI will be referred to CAI-X rather than CIMT.

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Fields in CIMT

  • Develop, test, evaluate and implement innovative technologies at OUH.
  • Organise and complete research projects on innovative technologies.
  • Ensure necessary documentation for decisions on investment in innovative medical technologies by use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA).
  • Organise and complete international projects.
  • Represent OUH, SDU and the Region of Southern Denmark in relevant national and international networks, associations and activities.
  • Be part of the development and preparation for the new university hospital being built in Odense.

AI projects at CIMT


Tessa Lind Gjødesen

Head of Innovation, PhD, MPM

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology

(+45) 29 16 03 24
[email protected]

Kristian Kidholm

Head of Research, Professor

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology

(+45) 30 58 64 77
[email protected]