FLASH - Elite Liver Research Centre

FLASH: Fibrosis, Fatty Liver and Steatohepatitis Research Centre

FLASH is an Elite Liver Research Centre at Odense University Hospital dedicated to clinical and translational research in fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis.

The overall goal of FLASH is to develop effective non-invasive diagnostic tools of liver disease, improve prognostic knowledge about fibrosis, fatty liver and steatohepatitis as well as increase the scarce treatment options.

The centre is lead by Professor Aleksander Krag and was established in 2013.


In FLASH we are working with AI and machine learning in different projects. We aim to implement these advanced new methods into our clinical research projects. We seek to improve the clinical decision-making in chronic fatty liver disease. Specifically, we work on an intelligent diagnostic algorithm for liver fibrosis in primary care and a prognostic neural network software for predicting liver related events on SWE ultrasound pictures.  


Aleksander Krag

Director, Professor

FLASH - Elite Liver Research Centre

(+45) 21 40 99 15
[email protected]

Maja Thiele headshot

Maja Thiele

Associate Professor

FLASH - Elite Liver Research Centre

(+45) 29 27 33 20
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Louise Just headshot

Louise Just

Centre Manager

FLASH - Elite Liver Research Centre

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[email protected]

Katrine Prier Lindvig headshot

Katrine Prier Lindvig

PhD student, MD

FLASH - Elite Liver Research Centre

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