Department of Geriatric Medicine

Specialised in older medical patients with complex acute and chronic health conditions

The Department of Geriatric Medicine is specialised in treating older medical patients with complex health conditions encompassing multimorbidity, polypharmacy, age-related changes, and physical and/or cognitive problems.

Geriatric in-patients are admitted acutely through the hospital’s Emergency Department, while the geriatric outpatient clinic receives both elective non-acute geriatric patients and sub-acute geriatric patients for clinical assessment and treatment of diseases. The outpatient clinic also comprises a Falls Clinic unit offering systematic assessment and treatment of causes for falling and instability.

AI at the Department of Geriatric Medicine

AI and machine learning compose a very interesting avenue for exploration to help finding smarter ways for health professionals to identify older people at risk of health deterioration. 

Following the demographic change, health care systems will be challenged in the years to come by an increasing number of older adults in need of health care and fewer people in the work force. To increase efficiency, AI offers tools for identifying older citizens at risk of acute hospital admission, and initiation of timely preventive measures.

Main research areas

  • Clinical geriatric medicine and pharmacology in older adults

  • Prevention of hospital admissions and loss of function

  • Diagnosis and treatment of falls patients and osteoporosis

  • Video consultation for follow-up after discharge

  • Video consultation in the outpatient clinic

  • Qualitative Research in frail hospitalised older adults

  • Ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for geriatrics

AI projects at the Department of Geriatric Medicine


Lars Matzen

Lars Matzen

Chief Physician

Department of Geriatric Medicine

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Jette Wensien

Head Nurse

Department of Geriatric Medicine

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