Find help for AI projects

AI projects are complex and the field is still largely new and uncharted. Even for experienced clinicians and researchers it can be difficult to locate the correct channels, resources, permissions etc. 

Below you will find details and contact information on many of the necessary resources when working with AI in healthcare. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected], if something is missing or needs clarification.

Regional IT hosts the private cloud / onprem facilities for storage and processing. Furthermore, the department has numerous experts on legal issues, architects, project and product management that can be useful to your project.


Kasper Wamberg, Product Manager 

The Danish Council on Data Ethics observes the technological developments and seeks to support the development in an ethically sound manner and observe the citizens' legal rights. The council participates in the public debate on digital solutions, data and artificial intelligence.

Tools for data ethics when working with pooling of data (in Danish)

Recommendations from the Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics

Visit The Danish Council on Data Ethics' website (in Danish)

OPEN assists health researchers in the Region of Southern Denmark with collection of data, biobank, register-related data and formalities regarding their research project.

Visit OPEN's website.

SDU RIO (SDU Research & Innovation Organisation) supports collaboration between research, education, the business community and the public sector. Visit SDU RIO's website.

The Danish Medicines Agency is the highest medicine authority in Denmark.

Visit The Danish Medicines Agency's website.

The Department of Documentation and Business Intelligence manages data in the in the Region of Southern Denmark.



Visit the Research Health Data Gateway to find information and instructions to guide you through your application process when applying for access to health data.


If you have an idea for an AI project with CAI-X, please use the contact form.