Large EU grant for AI-assisted capsule endoscopy

The 4-year AICE project aims to create the foundation and address barriers for making AI-assisted capsule endoscopy a part of the future of colorectal cancer diagnostics. The full title of the AICE project is AI supported picture analysis in large bowel camera Capsule Endoscopy.

The AICE consortium is coordinated by the research centre CICA at Odense University Hospital Svendborg and has been granted 6 mio. Euro from the Horizon Europe programme.

The AICE team comprises 12 private and public partners from across Europe, including CAI-X. The partners represent many different areas of expertise, including health sciences, software development, data sciences, digital innovation and communication as well as social sciences and humanities. CAI-X is in the process of engaging a new project manager to be part of the AICE consortium.

The Norwegian Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence SPKI are also part of the project as a result of the cooperation with CAI-X.

Esmaeil S. Nadimi, Head of Research at CAI-X, has been working with the CICA team for years to develop artificial intelligence for the camera capsule, and his and his team’s results and developments will now be validated as part of the AICE project. He is looking forward to the next leap:

“It is a dream come true to be able to bring our research one step further and hopefully in the future to make AI-assisted camera capsules a part of the routine screening process.”

AICE will cover aspects such as validation and development of algorithms, the creation of a clinical support platform, clinical indications and guidelines, patient engagement, cost-efficiency, ethical considerations and future implementation strategies.