New features in the camera pill

Newly published study shows that the improvements in the camera pill for screening for colorectal cancer may potentially make it the “device-of-choice” for both colorectal cancer screening and diagnostic purposes.

The improvements include features such as onboard real-time processing of images for lesion detection and classification, bi-directional communication (OTAP) to modify assigned tasks on-the-go, and improved image resolution and enhanced quality by means of optical chromoendoscopy.

The study is published in Scientific Reports, part of the Nature Portfolio, and it is written by Ali Sahafi, Yunlong Wang, Charlotte Laurfelt Munch Rasmussen, Peter Bollen, Gunnar Baatrup, Victoria Blanes-Vidal, Jürgen Herp and Esmaeil Nadimi.

Read the article “Edge artificial intelligence wireless video capsule endoscopy” here. (Open access)