Peter Børker Nielsen appointed as Programme Manager

An experienced project manager with extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector in Denmark will be at the wheel of CAI-X from January 2021.

Peter Børker Nielsen has extensive project managing experience from his previous positions as Project Manager at Odense Municipality, Copenhagen Health Innovation and the University of Copenhagen, and he is familiar with both the healthcare sector and the university sector.

Børker Nielsen says: ”I look forward to diving into the many fascinating projects in the field of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. In my opinion, data is the key to success, because without data there is no input for the algorithm. Health data currently exists in defined depositories, and artificial intelligence enables us to open those depositories, connect data and find patterns in existing – but not yet related – knowledge. A different approach is depersonalized synthetic data, which is also very interesting to explore”.

The joint hiring committee of both Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark look forward to the new collaboration: “We are very pleased, that we have been able to recruit Peter Børker Nielsen as Programme Manager. His educational and professional background is distinctive and very relevant for the position and the future developments of CAI-X. We have very high hopes of the cooperation and we are confident that Peter Børker Nielsen is the right person to unite researchers and clinicians and help improve conditions for projects with artificial intelligence in Denmark”, says Bjarne Dahler-Eriksen, Chief Medical Officer at Odense University Hospital.

Implementation as focal point

Research and new knowledge is vital for delivering innovative health solutions. But there is no doubt that in order to achieve the full potential of the new possibilities with AI in the health sector, implementation must be a focal point. Peter Børker Nielsen is aware of the challenges he and CAI-X face: “To enable successful implementation, the project and the solution must solve a specific clinical need and the health professionals must be deeply involved delivering knowledge on everyday practices. It is on the requests and through commitment from the clinic that we will pave the way for innovation”.

Peter Børker Nielsen has his educational background in organisational studies and political communication and management from Copenhagen Business School.