Virtual watering hole on 18 November

In November, we will – together with our fellow research and innovation centres CIMT (Centre for Innovative Medical Technology) and CCR (Centre for Clinical Robotics) – host three virtual watering holes.

A virtual watering hole is an online panel debate where a panel of 3-4 persons discuss a topic of current interest within the field of health technology and innovation. The concept of virtual watering holes were originally developed by CIMT in the spring of 2020. 

At CAI-X, we will host the watering hole “When artificial intelligence succeeds at Danish hospitals” on 18 November at 14-14.45. Here we will turn the spotlight on how Danish hospitals can succeed in working with AI – starting with radiology.

The panelists are:

  • Benjamin Schnack Rasmussen, MD, Postdoc, Department of Radiology, OUH
  • Charlotte Trap-Kinberg, Project Manager, RAIT, Radiological Artificial Intelligence Testcenter, the Capital Region of Denmark
  • Martin Axelsen, Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Radiobotics

On 16 November at 12-12.45 CIMT hosts the watering hole “The citizens are ready for digital healthcare – how do we make the healthcare system ready?”, and on 23 November CCR hosts the watering hole “Implementing hospital robots – from OUH today to the new hospital in 2024”.

All watering holes will be in Danish.

Read more about the virtual watering holes and register on (in Danish).

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The watering holes will take place on

  • 16 November, 12-12.45 (CIMT)
  • 18 November, 14-14.45 (CAI-X)
  • 23 November, 14-14.45 (CCR)

Read more about the virtual watering holes and register on (in Danish).