CAI-X: New centre for clinical artificial intelligence

Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence – or CAI-X for short – is a new centre for clinical artificial intelligence (AI). The centre is a joint research and innovation centre between Odense University Hospital (OUH) and the Faculty of Health Science and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). CAI-X will be the main entrance for anyone who wants to do research or clinical projects in the field of artificial intelligence at Odense University Hospital and offers expert competences and access to partners across a large national and international network

”Artificial Intelligence provides new opportunities for innovative treatments, because we can process huge amounts of data at an unprecedented pace and e.g. predict the risk for certain diagnoses or screen for cancer by analysing X-ray pictures. AI enables faster diagnostics and treatment as well as more efficient workflows,” Bjarne Dahler Eriksen, Chief Medical Officer at OUH, explains.

OUH and SDU already have a number of projects on artificial intelligence, and the new centre will both help existing projects, make it easier to start new projects and help draw attention to the great work in the field of artificial intelligence.

The dean for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark Henrik Bindslev explains: “CAI-X will make up the framework for the AI research and the projects across hospital and university. And that is quite a few. We are actually quite far in Denmark when it comes to artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector – partly due to our comprehensive amount of data on both diseases and patients. The possibilites for artificial intelligence are limitless in relation to prevention and treatment, and the new centre enables us to bring AI projects together and makes it easier for AI to reach its full potential and ensure optimum treatment for the patients.”

The vision for CAI-X is to create better healthcare by intelligent use of data. The centre makes sure that the patients’ needs always are at the heart of the research activities and that citizens and patients are involved in the research.

CAI-X is officially launched in January 2021, but the preliminary work has already begun.