CAI-X aims to improve quality in healthcare through intelligent use of data and technology.

It is our ambition and expectation that the joined effort of clinical staff, researchers and engineers at CAI-X will have a major impact on both research breakthroughs and the daily clinical practice for the benefit of both patients and staff.

Recent news

August 26, 2022

New features in the camera pill

The improvements in the camera pill for screening for colorectal cancer may potentially make it the “device-of-choice” for both colorectal cancer screening and diagnostic purposes.
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June 30, 2022

AI detects liver diseases sooner

By combining blood samples with artificial intelligence, the research project LiverPRO at Odense University Hospital detects scar tissue on the liver sooner and thereby prevents cirrhosis of the liver.
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June 10, 2022

AI is as skilled as experts when screening for retinal disease

A PhD project shows promising results for using machine learning to screen for diabetic retinopathy.
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