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Benjamin S. Rasmussen

Benjamin Schnack Rasmussen is Head of Clinical Research at CAI-X.

Benjamin S. Rasmussen

Benjamin has a PhD in Telemedicine and Innovative Technologies from the University of Southern Denmark, and has worked as an MD at the Department of Radiology at Odense University Hospital since 2011. He is currently senior registrar at the hospital, and he is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, where he teaches a PhD course in statistical artificial intelligence, supervises PhD students, and mentors postdoctoral researchers.

Recognised by the Danish Strategic Research Council for his promising research, Benjamin’s scholarly pursuits are centred on health technology, specifically the development, assessment, and clinical implementation of innovative solutions. His research focus on artificial intelligence uniquely emphasises ethics, legal frameworks, and the practical application of health technologies.

In 2021, Benjamin became a board member of the Science Ethics Medical Committees. This institution, operating under the Ministry of Health, plays a pivotal role in evaluating applications for clinical trials involving pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. He is also an active board member of RAIN, a regional network dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence in healthcare. Moreover, Benjamin is on the advisory board of the CLIC project that revolves around creating a collaborative platform connecting private AI enterprises with the public healthcare system.

Benjamin has a central role in several innovative health technology projects, notably the MAGIC project. Through the implementation of AI, the MAGIC project seeks to revolutionise breast cancer diagnosis, enabling earlier and more accurate detection. This, in turn, expedites the commencement of treatment, ultimately bolstering survival rates and enhancing overall quality of life for patients.

Benjamin was also one of the initiators behind the MAS-AI Model. Designed as an evaluative framework for assessing the value of AI in healthcare, MAS-AI leverages the expertise of an interdisciplinary group comprising researchers and patient representatives. This pioneering model serves as a guiding tool for decision-makers, empowering them to make well-informed choices concerning the integration of AI applications in the realm of healthcare.

View Benjamin's research activities and publications here.

Benjamin S. Rasmussen

Benjamin S. Rasmussen

Head of Clinical Research - MD (Radiologist), Associate Professor

Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI-X). Odense University Hospital, Department of Radiology

(+45) 2434 1749