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CAI-X at WHINN 2023

Thursday 9 November, CAI-X held two sessions at this year's WHINN (Week of Health and Innovation) entitled "Will AI deliver what it promises?" and "Ethical perspectives on clinical AI".

The "Will AI deliver what it promises?" session delved into how AI is seen as a powerful tool for better and faster diagnostics and treatment in Danish hospitals, but the implementation of AI solutions in clinical practice is still lagging behind.

At the session, several speakers, including Odense University Hospital's Medical Director Kim Brixen, spoke on expectations vs. reality of AI in healthcare. A panel discussion on how healthcare and industry organisations can collaborate to reach the potential of AI followed, moderated by Peter Børker Nielsen, Programme Manager of CAI-X.

At "Ethical perspectives on clinical AI", a discussion took place on ethical aspects related to clinical AI based on two current projects, AICE and MAGIC. The EU project AICE hosted the session.

We hope to see you at next year's WHINN.