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Improving Skin Cancer Diagnosis with AI

The surge in consultations for potentially cancerous skin lesions is overwhelming the healthcare system, leading to prolonged wait times of up to 42 weeks for dermatologist appointments. This delay in treatment not only heightens health risks but also incurs significant socioeconomic costs.

In response, the Danish regions have adopted the Dermloop app, an innovative solution that empowers general practitioners to photograph skin lesions and send them directly to dermatologists. This streamlined process allows for swift feedback on the need for further examination, drastically reducing wait times.

By implementing Dermloop, it is anticipated that waitlists will decrease significantly, as more than half of the patients in Denmark’s skin cancer referral programme have benign lesions. The app also aims to lower healthcare costs by reducing unnecessary benign mole removals.

Currently, about 10% of general practitioners in the Capital Region of Denmark and the Region of Southern Denmark are utilising the app. However, plans are underway to expand its usage across Denmark within the next two years.

Dermloop's reach is also extending to the United States, where it will benefit patients lacking access to dermatology specialists—a group estimated to include around 100,000 individuals.

At CAI-X, we are proud to be part of the Danish Skin Cancer Model project, dedicated to validating and promoting this cutting-edge, digitally enhanced workflow with Dermloop. Together, we are transforming skin cancer diagnosis and care through the power of AI.

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