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Peter Børker Nielsen

Peter Børker Nielsen is the programme manager of CAI-X.

Peter Børker Nielsen

Peter has a background in Organisational Studies and Political Communication and Management from Copenhagen Business School, and has a strong understanding of organisations and strategic leadership competence. In his own words, he is a “hardcore healthtech geek” with a passion for building mission-driven entities that address societal challenges.

Peter has extensive experience in leading innovative health projects across sectors and institutions. At the University of Copenhagen, Peter worked for promoting health innovation and entrepreneurship across faculties and institutions. He contributed to the establishment of SUND Innovation Hub, EIT Health, and Copenhagen Health Innovation (CHI). He subsequently took on the role of project manager at CHI, where he was responsible for the identification, funding, development, execution, and implementation of innovative health projects and activities. Moreover, Peter was the project manager for the Integrated Citizen Pathways projects in Odense Municipality, where he coordinated cross-sectoral efforts to create better welfare solutions for citizens in Odense Municipality.

Peter’s experience with strategic leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration involving health data and technology now proves itself incredibly useful in CAI-X’s mission of uniting technicians, researchers, and clinicians, creating optimal conditions for the application of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector.