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MAS-AI in Medtech Insight

The British magazine Medtech Insight uses the assessment model MAS-AI as starting point to explain why measuring the value of AI in medtech is complex, and where solutions lie.

The magazine writes: “The increased development of AI-enabled medtech means HTA bodies have a complex task on their hands. One set of researchers show how a multipronged approach is needed to assess the value of AI in medical imaging.”

Benjamin Rasmussen, Head of Clinical Research at CAI-X and part of the research group behind MAS-AI, is pleased with the attention and recognition of the assessment model: “Familiarity with MAS-AI is the first step to make hospitals, HTA professionals, decision makers etc. apply the model. We developed the model because we saw a need for a comprehensive and holistic model for the assessment of clinical AI, and I think we have achieved just that. MAS-AI can make a positive difference when assessing AI because it provides a clear and comprehensive guide and takes local differences into account”. 

Read the article “Why measuring the value of AI in medtech is complex and where solutions lie” here (login required).