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Artificial Intelligence at Odense University Hospital

AI projects at Odense University Hospital are connected and brought forward by CAI-X.

Odense University Hospital (OUH) has a long tradition for working with innovation as well as for testing and implementing new technological solutions.

The developments of AI technology and the new possibilities the technology carries are necessary to prepare the hospital and our health care sector for staff shortage, demands for efficiency and other challenges of the future.

Intelligent use of data and technology enables us to provide the best possible health care services, and CAI-X was established in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark to bridge clinical challenges with technical expertise to provide new treatment solutions. CAI-X is anchored at the Department of Clinical Development, OUH.

The purpose of CAI-X is to ensure full utilisation of artificial intelligence to benefit patients and staff of the hospital. We do so by connecting people and developing network, increasing the impact and scaling of AI solutions and pushing the agenda on legal and ethical issues, access to data etc.

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Peter Børker Nielsen

Peter Børker Nielsen

Programme Manager

Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI-X). Odense University Hospital, Dept. of Clinical Development - Innovation, Research & HTA

(+45) 2460 7692
Thomas K. Kristensen

Thomas Kielsgaard Kristensen

Head of Innovation, Research & HTA

Odense University Hospital, Department of Clinical Development - Innovation, Research & HTA

(+45) 2371 9724