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A human perspective on artificial intelligence in healthcare

During 2022 and 2023, CAI-X and the national research project Algorithms, Data & Democracy (ADD) held a total of four knowledge forums to create a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

The knowledge forums brought together clinicians, technical researchers, commercial developers as well as patients and relatives to discuss their views on and expectations of AI in the healthcare sector.

Based on the four knowledge forums, we have written a Policy Brief, which was published on Friday 21 June 2024. We have also recorded a webinar that can be viewed here (in Danish):

Webinar om AI i sundhedsvæsenet from Altinget/MM on Vimeo.


Overall, the most important recommendations are the following

  1. Nuanced debate about AI: It is essential to promote a debate about AI that includes both optimism and skepticism, as well as experiences from existing AI projects.
  2. Cooperation with all stakeholders: Development and implementation of AI solutions must be done in close cooperation with clinicians, developers, patients and relatives to ensure practical solutions that address the real needs.
  3. Exploitation of existing knowledge: Previous experiences from AI projects should be fully exploited through thorough evaluation and continuous adaptation of strategies.

The knowledge forums revealed that trust in AI is a complex issue, especially among patients and relatives. Although many clinicians see the potential of AI, it is crucial to involve users from the start to build trust and ensure that the AI ​​solutions are accepted and understood in everyday clinical practice.

Programme Manager Peter Børker Nielsen comments: "It is crucial to have a nuanced understanding of artificial intelligence in healthcare in order to use its full potential in a responsible way. Our knowledge forums have shown that trust and involvement of all stakeholders – from clinicians to patients – is the key to successful implementation. We can't just ride the hype wave; we have to hurry up and ensure that the solutions really address the real needs in the healthcare system."

For further insights and details about the process, you can read the full Policy Brief (in Danish) at ADD's website.