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Sabine Morris Delhez

Sabine Morris Delhez is a clinical assistant at CAI-X.

Sabine Delhez

Sabine graduated as a medical doctor in 2017 from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). After completing basic clinical training, Sabine started working in internal medicine in 2018 and subsequently in radiology, where she is now halfway through specialist medical training. Due to an interest in research, Sabine has taken a leave of absence from specialist medical training to become a full-time researcher for a period.

Sabine has always shown an interest in research. In 2014, she completed an undergraduate research year, and has since contributed to research in several areas during her career, leading to several publications.

Through her future research, Sabine wants to focus on the implementation of artificial intelligence within diagnostic imaging to, among other things, optimise workflows, increase the quality of treatment for patients and possibly reduce costs associated with the affected areas.

Sabine started her PhD project on 1 March 2024 at UNIFY - Radiology Research and Innovation Unit. Her project is entitled "Implementation of clinical artificial intelligence in healthcare in Denmark" and aims to investigate whether AI can improve patient care, alleviate staff burdens, and reduce waiting times in the emergency department at Odense University Hospital (OUH).

View Sabine's research activities and publications here.

Sabine Morris Delhez

Sabine Morris Delhez

PhD Student

Odense University Hospital, Department of Radiology