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Full title: FAST-MRI: AI-optimised MRI workflow for acute stroke.

Project period

Start: 2020
End: 2024


The FAST-MRI project aims to investigate the accuracy, workload changes and time-to-diagnosis when implementing an artificial intelligence (AI) system for stroke magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) diagnostics in a Danish setting.

The project tests a Danish AI system for MRI, that offers scan decision support via a smart protocol system and image reviewing support. The AI system needs to be validated to scientific and clinical standards prior to implementation.

The project includes a systematic review of available AI systems for brain MRI of stroke patients, and a retrospective validation study for the MRI AI system and prospective clinical trial to uncover workflow optimisation. This is, to our knowledge, the first of its kind.


Department of Radiology, OUH

Jonas Asgaard Bojsen

Jonas Asgaard Bojsen

PhD student

Odense University Hospital, Department of Radiology