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Project "Hjertero" (Peace of Heart)

Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) is a common term for diseases of the heart that, due to narrowing of the veins that supply the heart with blood, causes constrictions that lead to pain around the heart, blood clots in the heart and sudden death.

Project period

Start: January 2021
End: December 2023

Annually, 33,000 Danes are admitted with Ischaemic Heart Disease, of which 10,000 die. Consequently, people who experience Ischaemic Heart Disease are at risk of developing anxiety and depression later in life, compared with people without Ischaemic Heart Disease.

However, identifying those at risk pose a challenge and our current assessment methods are scarce. Therefore, ‘HjerteRo’ utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and a combination of historic and current data to develop a data-driven model that may help predict individuals at risk.

If successful, such early detection of high-risk individuals will enable the health professionals to initiate preventive measures and improve the health related quality of life of those affected by Ischaemic Heart Disease. Furthermore, an AI-based algorithm will be able to support the work in daily clinical practice, both as screening tool and decision-making tool.

The hope is that ‘HjerteRo’ will provide further insights into ways of utilising artificial technology to unburden and support healthcare professionals in their daily work, and at the same time improve patient outcomes through preventive measures.


The aim was to develop a data-driven prediction model capable of identifying individuals with Ischaemic Heart Disease at risk of developing anxiety or depression.

In addition, ‘HjerteRo’ validated the performance of multiple algorithms, provided Proof-of-Concept and made guidelines for implementation and scaling.


  • The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark (lead)
  • Department of Cardiology, OUH
  • Department of Psychology, SDU
  • The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute and Research Unit of General Practice, SDU
  • The Region of Southern Denmark
  • SAS Institute


‘HjerteRo” was one of 13 signature projects in the field of artificial intelligence, selected within the Region of Southern Denmark and supported by the Financial Act of 2021.

Read more about the project at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark’s website (in Danish)

Carsten Jensen

Carsten Jensen

Project Manager

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

(+45) 24 96 11 72
Zlatan Sarkotic

Zlatan Sarkotic

IT Project Manager

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

(+45) 24 76 00 74
Anne Mortensen

Anne Mortensen

Project Assistant

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

(+45) 24 62 88 13