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Screening of sentinel lymph nodes for metastasis

The Department of Pathology analyses a great deal of tissue samples for metastases; each sample is not time-consuming, but automisation of the analyses would save quite som time due to the number of samples.

Project period

Start: 2020
End: ultimo 2022


The project aims to develop and test an AI application to detect metastasis in sentinel lymph node in breast cancer to support decision making. The app is developed, but not yet tested in clinical practice.

During the project, the application will be improved with the skills relevant for the Department of Pathology.

As the model below illustrates, a positive result of the H&E sends the tissue sample directly to the pathologist for confirmation. If the H&E result is negative, the application sends the sample to further test (IHC). If that test result is also negative, the application finishes the analysis. If it is positive, the sample is sent to the pathologist for further analysis.

Illustration of AI process for lymph nodes


Anne Marie Bak Jylling

Chief Physician

Department of Pathology

(+45) 65 41 33 95